Picchio Reale Project - BOAT
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With this work we wanted to create shelves with two small closed areas.
The boards used for this work were recovered from three pallets that transported tissue reels from Central America to a textile factory in Tuscany.
As in all our works with recycled materials which are non treated (the boards used for the pallets are hardly the same thickness and extent) we don't have treated joints and fasteners, leaving the work to flow in a simple spontaneous way.
The glass doors come from processing waste in the process of recasting, while for the closing of the doors we used an old system in use in rural huts ... a simple rope and it ends on a piece of wood.
The finish was carried out with natural shellac dissolved with alcohol at 96 °, while for the small door water coloured polish was used.
The measures of this piece of furniture are: height 129 cm width 141 cm depth 31 cm